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A.T.A. Registered Shoots

Fourth Saturday of the month from March through October

Starting time will be 9 AM and can continue until sunset.

Pricing (All events are 100 Targets):

One Event, $32

Two Events, $58

Three Events, $84

If there is interest additional Singles, Doubles, or Handicap events can be shot (100 targets).  Additional events will be $24 per event.

The three main events, 100 Singles, 100 Doubles, and 100 Handicap include $4 ATA Daily Fee and $2 ITA Daily Fee, ($6 Total) and $2 per event prize money.

Prizes paid as follows:

Singles: 1 Winner per Class, 4 Classes

Handicap: 1 Winner

Doubles: 1 Winner

Ties: Shoot-off, Singles & Handicap 2 Targets / Post โ€“ Doubles 2 Pair per Post, or Long Run from the Front, (shooters choice).